158, A tale for a friend



Come my friend

and sit with me a while

I want to tell you a tale

the tale of a number that is not a number but my jail



The inches for my rope to hang me today



the depth of my grave



The  thousand miles of my skyway



The times I knocked on heaven's gate


1 second and 58

The time St Peter took to stumble me back to this jail



The number of sins I have made

But the mercy of my Lord

Still wants me on this world



The seconds for my ballads to be played



the times you asked for my help my friend

and were 158

the times I lent you my hand



(parlato = halfspoken)


But my friend above all


Is not a number but it is my jail

Because 158

were the seconds you took  to throw me away

You were too busy to me to dedicate

158 seconds of your life

35 for reading, 120 for listening, 3 for saying to me

That friends we will remain

notwithstanding the shit are my songs and my refrains



the times I will thank you my Friend

for making me understand

that our friendship wasn't worth

158 seconds of your world


But I am shouting this to you my friend

To make you 158 times understand

That I will never be rich enough to throw you away

Only because for me you did not find

158 fucking seconds anyway


Now my friend

you have listened to my tale

You can go or you can stay

with me in this place that's not a number but my jail









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