Song for my Father





Since my first days
You were by my side
In our old house
The haven you built for my sake
You were my superman
You were my best friend
The father I always wished
You were the hero of my dreams
The knight whose deeds I would repeat

Then I grew up
I had to take my way
I left our home
And from my world I kept you far away

Now I am a father of mine
Same age you were when I left home
I feel which was your silent pain
The father I left alone


Now I'm here

At the foot of your resting place

But I still cannot free

All the anguish I have within

Because I never told you

That I owe you everything

With tears in my eyes
I go back to our old days
With unsteady steps and all alone
I go back to our old home

Now in front of me
There are empty rooms
Once filled with dreams
Because full of you
But through my tears
I still see our old rooms
Where I dreamed my dreams
The dreams you made come true

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